Beer frozen into the shape of a popsicle.
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Following is a glossary of some common terms associated with beer products:
ALE - The oldest style of beer, brewed traditionally with top-fermenting yeast. Ale comes in a wide variety of colours and strengths, including such famous styles as Cream Ale, India Pale Ale, Nut Brown Ale, Porter, Stout, and Wheat beer.
BARLEY MALT - One of the main ingredients in beer. It provides the fermentable sugars and the brew's body, colour, and primary flavour.
BEERSICLES - A German summer treat. Popsicles made with beer.
— "Beerspeak," The Hamilton Spectator, April 4, 2002
Earliest Citation:
A German pub owner has an idea for people who want to belly up and order a cold one — a really cold one. Helbig has been selling "Beersicles," a takeoff on North American Popsicles, for the past few weeks at his restaurant in Halle.
— "Beersicles," Broadcast News, January 12, 1996
Suddenly this summer — and about darn time — it's raining beer in South Florida. Real beer. Wheat brews and porters and fruit beers quite hale. Ales that are red, amber, nut-brown and pale. Stouts made of oatmeal that please without fail.
As you can see, sheer poetry.
I'm not talking wimpy Budweisers or Millers or Coorses. Know what real beer drinkers call them ? Lawn-mower beers — the only time they're palatable is when they're chilled to one degree short of beersicle and you've just come in sweating from cutting the grass.
— Fred Tasker, "It's pouring beer in South Florida," The Miami Herald, June 15, 1995
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